Tube Expansion System

Fastest operating tool in the market, we supply the workhorse ideal for high production environments. With uses in Oil Coolers, Radiators, and other apparatus with small diameter tubes also, these expanders offered are widest in range available anywhere. We also supply Electric drives, controllers, stabilizers, transformers, telescopic shafts, quick change chucks, hoses, cables, spring balancers and adaptors.

Systems are also available in hydraulically operated. Pneumatic Rolling Drives, Right angle rolling drives. The world's first Remote Control Operated Hydraulic Tube Expansion System.
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Torque Controllers
Rollings Drives
Suspension Systems
Voltage Stabilizers
Pneumatic Rolling Motors
Pneumatic Rolling Drives
Right Angle Rolling Drives
Hydraulic Tube Expansion Systems
Hydraulic Tube Expansion Systems (Hydex)
Hydraulic "Thrust' Tube Expansion Systems
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